Eagle Rock Distributing Company

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John Economos

Chairman of the Board

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    Steve Economos

    Chief Executive Officer

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    Nick Economos


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    Mike Economos

    Vice President of Sales

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    Andrew Economos

    Vice President of Chain Business

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    Fran Lutz

    Chief Financial Officer

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    Fred Millard

    Vice President of Facilities

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    Bo Bebeau

    Vice President of National Retail Sales

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    Thomas Johnstone

    Vice President of On Premise Sales

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    Warner Morris

    Vice President of Information and Operating Systems

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    Tony Robertson

    Regional Sales Manager

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    Josh Culbreth

    Senior Director of Wine and Spirits

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    Andrew Lorimer

    Director of Marketing

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    Carly Ely-Kelso

    Director of Wine

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    Caryn Woolley

    Director of Craft Beer

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    BJ Burris

    Sales Execution Coordinator

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    Amy Schwartz

    Director of Spirits

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    Robb Finkey

    Director of Beyond Beer

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    Nancy Krause

    Director of Purchasing & Pricing

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    Max Hannum

    Human Resources Director

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    Chad Danklef

    Director of Operations

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    Keith Palmer

    Fleet Manager

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    Eric Roland

    Delivery Logistics Coordinator

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