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Your 2014 Guide To Pumpkin Beer

October 24, 2014

Your 2014 Guide To Pumpkin Beer

All you need to know about pumpkin beers in 2014

Southern Tier Pumking


Carly Craine

Director of Wine and Spirits





Pumking is truly the king of pumpkin beers! I look forward to our shipment each year! It is the perfect amount of spice, pumpkin and malt with a creamy body. During the fall I don't need a dessert to savor - just a Pumking, or two, please!!



McKenzie's Pumpkin Jack Cider

Bo Bebeau

Vice President of National Retail Sales


With McKenzie's Black Cherry Cider as my favorite- I am pleasantly surprised with McKenzie's Pumpkin Jack. McKenzie's Pumpkin Jack starts smooth and with a cinnamon spice finish, but still has that apple touch like a cider-- A must try and a 10 on my list!



New Belgium Pumpkick


Tate Olsen

Merchandising Supervisor



I like it because I really like pumpkin flavored beer. Second would be the slight tartness you get from the cranberries. It's nice to change up the flavors every now and then. This one pours a bubbly orangy amber - with a fluffy and rather fine-bubbled pale buff head. If you like pumpkin beers, you should get a kick out of this one.



Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream

BJ Burris

Sales Execution Coordinator



Clear dark amber color with a foamy tan head with good retention. Aroma is nutmeg, cinnamon and toffee malts. Pours a nice dark amber color with a nice head. Taste is sweetly cinnamon with nutmeg, pumpkin malt and lightly bitter finish. This is a superb pumpkin ale



Fannin Rory's Pumpkin Ale

Todd Morillo

On-Premise Team Leader

When I drink this Ale, I am reminded of Thanksgiving at home and my grandma's pumpkin pie. It almost screams fall as you are drinking it. This Ale gives you a taste of honey and pecans as you sip it down, but doesn't hit you with too much sweetness. I look forward to drinking some while I watch the wind blow and the leaves fall.



Southern Tier Warlock

Mike Economos

Vice President of Sales


This is a fantastic beer! Think Pumking in a stout. It smells like pumpkin pie in a glass and the flavor doesn't disappoint. Bitter like a stout but sweet enough to remind me of a pie. Both balanced and creamy. Dark chocolate, pumpkin fruit, nutmeg and resiny hops are there in the aroma and flavor.



Blue Point Pumpkin Ale

Andrew Lorimer

Premium Brands Marketing Director


I really like the country store nature of this burlap label. It's got a real folksy craft vibe that exudes a small town Americana feeling- like sitting on a porch after a long day, eyes gazed across the golden waves of wheat quivering on the field while John Cougar Mellencamp's Scarecrow album plays.



Cherry Street Friend of the Farmer Pumpkin Pie Porter

Anna Stiff

On Premise Account Manager

Beautiful barrel aged brown porter with roasted malt and coffee aroma. Hints of pumpkin and nuts leave this beer with a firm and smooth finish.Texture is firm and smooth, if none too tingly, but you feel the bourbon going down.



Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat


Nicholas O'Donnell

Social Media Coordinator



Great aroma of the fall season. Pumpkin is strong in this as well as spice notes with medium sweetness. The pumpkin and wheat meld together nice. Light aftertaste and good look in a pint glass.

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